Parents: We've Got Your Back!

July 11, 2023


Monday, July 10, 2023

Parental rights move to forefront as families prepare for back to school

ALBUQUERQUE – New Mexico House Republicans today announce a free to download and print Parental Notification and Consent form. The Parental Notification and Consent form is made available to the public following the enactment of several state laws that require and encourage government bureaucrats to withhold notification and involvement of parents of minor-aged students engaged in major lifechanging medical and sexual discussions and decisions.

“The core issue here is the rollback of parental involvement by this government, the same government that has failed so many children at CYFD and continues to reign worst in the country for child welfare,” said State Rep. Luis Terrazas (R-Silver City). “Ask any parent- their entire lives revolve around their children. You simply cannot replace a parent or guardian with a government employee or policy. This simple one-page form gives parents back their voice that has been severely undercut in the recent months. People across this state have been calling for action, and we are delivering a commonsense option for parents to remain informed and push back against this violation of their rights.”

Much debate in the 2023 Legislative Session centered on a series of progressive bills designed to insert transgender and pro-abortion ideology in New Mexico Schools. Several amendments and debates attempted to amend language to require the transgender and pro-abortion proposals be limited to children aged 15 and over, however most Democrats ignored or shut down the debate.

Rep. Terrazas continued, “I cannot imagine a person or school official that would willfully disregard a parents request to be notified. I fully expect the schools and districts to honor those parents who fill out the forms. While I recognize that some schools and some districts may have policies that do not require notification, the letter and form that is being releasing today makes it clear for those who wish to participate, parents’ rights are paramount and must be respected, even if local policy says otherwise. I believe the success of our children comes from the strength of our families, not micromanagement from the government.”

The free Parental Notification and Consent form can be found at A copy of the letter is attached to this release.

ALSO: Read commentary from our House Republican Whip Greg Nibert on this important topic here.

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